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Women With 'Mermaid Thighs' Are Taking Over The Body Positive Movement

Big thighs forever.

If you've got mermaid thighs and you know it, kick up your heels!

If you aren't yet aware of the hashtag, which has been kicking around for about a year, we'll let Instagram do the explaining for us:

#thickthighs ! Heck yes! #mermaidthighs

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It's also a direct response to the "thigh gap," that almost-impossible-to-achieve space between your legs that many women have been told throughout their lives is part of the "ideal" body shape.

For Kenzie Brenna, who describes herself a "self-loving actress," it's all a part of her #selflovebootcamp, which is why she shared this image on Instagram last week, telling her followers, "You're allowed to take up space in the world, you're allowed to have knocked knees and big thighs. You're allowed to gain weight. You're allowed to not just have weight gain in the 'acceptable' places. You're allowed to not fit into the status quo and still feel fly as fuck."

The Toronto-based body-positive activist once had an eating disorder, and now dedicates her time to helping others get over these preconceived notions of what makes a body beautiful.

And there are plenty of people who would agree.

The mermaid thighs trend is similar to #BigThighTwitter, which was a hit on the social media site in March, and continues to be so. Plenty of women proudly started tweeting pictures of their legs.

Big thighs, thick thighs, mermaid thighs — all we know is, we're happy to see people embracing the idea that thighs come in all shapes and sizes, and they're beautifully glorious.

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