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Wonder Woman Fans Are Angry About Gal Gadot's Armpits

"Why no hair, there, Princess of the Amazons?"

The new "Wonder Woman" trailer left many people feeling excited about the upcoming movie, but some people aren't pleased with a little detail you may not have noticed — specifically, star Gal Gadot's armpits.

Fans of the Princess of the Amazons took issue with a moment in the trailer, in which Gadot raises up her arms and reveals very pale armpits, leading some people to believe that her pits were purposely digitally blurred.

The completely hairless armpits appear at the 1:47 mark:

And people were quick to point out how obvious it was that Gadot's armpits were somehow digitally messed around with.

Others wondered whether the fictional superheroine would even know about shaving her armpits, as she comes from a secluded island full of women and wouldn't be subjected to the outside world's beauty standards, which are vastly shaped from the male perspective.

Indeed, fans were sure that to be true to the character, Wonder Woman would definitely have armpit hair.

Even before the trailer was released, fans were wondering about Wonder Woman's lack of armpit hair in the comic books.

But some people were adamant that Wonder Woman's armpits should be hairless, arguing that since she doesn't have armpit hair in the comics, there was no reason to add the hair in the movie.

Others argued that Wonder Woman's people, the Amazons, were from Ancient Greece and therefore shaved their body hair.

While others simply said that women had more "important" issues to care about such as the gender pay gap.

However Susannah Breslin, a Forbes contributor, pointed out that women's bodies freak out some men.

"One can imagine the effort undertaken by the poor hack who was instructed thusly by a Hollywood overlord: 'I don't who didn't get Gal's pits shaved on set that day, but exterminate any signs of hair shading, natural contouring, or sweat glands,'" she wrote.

"The real question, though, is: Why no hair, there, Princess of the Amazons?

I mean, Wonder Woman couldn't possibly have time to walk up in the morning, get in the shower, and run a razor across her armpits ... could she?

Superheroes don't shave their pits ... do they?"

As of press time, Gadot hasn't commented about the criticism but on Monday, she did tweet a photo of coffee and croissants so we'd say she's probably not that concerned right now.

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