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World UFO Day: 20 Songs About Aliens By Everyone From Ella And Elton to Katy And Kanye


We've watched enough X-Files to know there are already aliens living among us. Heck, if we're willing to believe former Canadian Ministers of Defence apparently there are four separate alien races already assimilated into our civilization — some of whom have infiltrated the U.S. Government. (Doo-doo de doo-doo de doo)

There are a number of ways us normal humans can react to this realization we're not alone.

1) Freak the heck out.

2) Put on the glasses when Roddy Piper tells you to.

3) Welcome our new intergalactic overlords and celebrate.

The World UFO Day Organization leans towards the third option and has picked July 2, the day that commemorates the "supposed" U.F.O. crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, as World UFO Day.

When the Kree or the Skrull or the Shi'ar or whoever finally reveal themselves, we here at HuffPost want to be on their good side.

So in honour of all the funk-freaky aliens living among us, here are 20 songs to celebrate World UFO Day.

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