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World's Most Expensive Gingerbread House Is Made With A Ruby And Pearls

Holy Crap This Gingerbread House Is $88K

A pastry chef is willing to recreate your own home as an edible gingerbread house that replaces jellybeans and fruit jellies with sea pearls and a ruby, for the princely sum of nearly £50,000 ($88,402.49 CDN).

If you’re looking for a Christmas centerpiece that will get tongues wagging this year, luxury British online retailer VeryFirstTo has partnered with pastry chef Georgia Green to launch a holiday package that would involve building a gingerbread replica of your own home.

And unlike regular gingerbread houses which end in nothing more than crumbs, customers will have 150 AAAA-grade South Sea Pearls and a 5-carat unheated Mozambique Ruby to show for it after the holidays.

To justify the hefty price tag --$77,910 USD or €62,240 which in some parts of the world could buy an actual brick and mortar home -- the house would also be made with premium ingredients like Ceylon cinnamon, Duchy eggs and Echire butter from France.

Oh, and price excludes delivery.

Orders must be placed by December 10 for U.K. customers.

Meanwhile, in 2010 U.S. department store Neiman Marcus also launched an offer to build a life-sized -- albeit pint-sized -- gingerbread house for kids for $15,000 USD.


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