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Worst Jobs In Canada: Technological Change, Manufacturing's Decline Threaten These Shrinking Jobs

If You're In One Of These Jobs .. Flee Now

Hot on the heels of their best jobs in Canada report, Canadian Business magazine has now released its ranking of the worst jobs in Canada.

The ranking looks at wages, wage growth and growth (or decline) in the number of positions to determine which jobs are the worst to have in Canada’s economy, and an overall theme is visible in the rankings.

While Canadians have recently been engaged in a debate about outsourcing and the use of temporary foreign workers, the worst jobs in Canada are for the most part not those going to Asia or being carried out by foreign workers — they’re jobs that are disappearing as a result of technology.

Among the jobs on the list is film and photograph processor, a position that is rapidly disappearing in the age of digital photography. Another job on the list is general office clerk, a job that has seen rapid decline in recent decades thanks to the computerization of the office. Yet another job on the list is printing machine operator, a position being made redundant in the age of desktop publishing.

But the decline in Canada’s manufacturing sector is also taking its toll. Of the 10 worst jobs on Canadian Business’ list, fully seven of them were related to manufacturing of some sort.

Here are the 10 worst jobs in Canada, according to Canadian Business:

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10. Plastics Processing Machine Operator

The 10 Worst Jobs In Canada

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