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XL Foods Recall: What Is Safe To Eat During The Beef Recall?


The ever expanding beef recall in Alberta has raised many concerns about the possibility of consumers contracting E. coli and the health of Canada's food system. Amidst the food crisis, which is now the biggest beef recall in Canadian history and has justexpanded to Hong Kong, those with a penchant for beef may be feeling beleaguered by their desires.

But navigating through the crisis may require doing something as simple as buying beef from local stores or even taking this opportunity to tryi out new cuisines. Here are a few alternations and alternatives to consider - if you are concerned about the health of your cattle meat - until the whole beef recall thing has been sorted out.

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Local Meat

What IS Safe To Eat During The Beef Recall?

For those not wanting to part with their beloved steak or hamburger, there are ways to mitigate the risk.

What's important is to take hygiene and health tips into consideration as E. coli can be contracted from other food products as well, including milk, fruits and vegetables and fruit juices.

Looking for more ways to keep your family safe from E. coli? Look through these tips from the pros:

How to avoid getting E. coli

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