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Is This Shirt Offensive?

Zara just upset a whole lot of people with one little T-shirt.

The Spanish retail giant has come under fire for a graphic tee with the words, "White Is The New Black" printed across the chest.

And while the slogan is likely meant to reference wearing white as a trend (as opposed to fashion's beloved black) people are understanding it in a completely different, albeit racially offensive way.

The shirt in question (which was initially posted by fashion blogger Kristiana V):

Individuals took to Twitter to share their disbelief and disappointment about the garment.

It should be noted that the tee isn't currently for sale on Zara's website, which makes it difficult to determine when it was initially released. There's a chance it may have been removed, or it may not currently be available yet in North America. The brand has yet to comment on the issue.

And this isn't the first time a fast fashion brand has stirred up controversy with one of its garments.

Earlier this year, H&M was forced to pull a Star of David skull shirt from their shelves, after receiving complaints from shoppers and others online. Urban Outfitters also once tried to sell tees with the phrase, "Eat Less," printed on them. And we can't forget HBC's attempt to sell Christopher Lee Sauve's "Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels" design.

Apparently old habits die hard in fashion, but we're always hopeful for change.

We just suggest Zara (and other brands) be a little more careful when coming up with slogans next time.

What do you think of the shirt? Let us know in the comments below!

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