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13 reasons why

The plots are more current than Dawson's Creek, but the stories are just as timeless.
A new study sheds light on the show's possible effects on viewers.
The Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" has sparked an international controversy for its depiction of teen suicide. But the hit drama has become a scapegoat for an entire industry that, experts say, could do better in its depictions of mental illness.
The project is helping raise mental health awareness.
Fire up that "Grey's Anatomy."
The Netflix series is about a teen girl who kills herself.
I'm 40 now, and have supposedly already successfully processed through this stuff. And it STILL triggered me, so I can't imagine how an adolescent with a mental illness would feel while watching this series. Bottom line, if you intend to watch the series, watch it with a friend or better yet, an adult you trust.