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2013 nhl playoffs

I had the chance to catch up with Snoop Dogg and get his thoughts on the Battle of California. Snoop's a big hockey fan and has been following this series from overseas in Africa. Snoop's pick? L.A. in seven. "Jeff carter's on a hot streak right now, and I don't think San Jose can hold him back," Snoop said.
This week was so full of disillusioning news that it was hard to keep an optimistic outlook. In Belize, thousands of years of history were razed when one of the country's largest Mayan pyramids was bulldozed. In Toronto, Gawker and The Toronto Star published details of a video alleged to show the city's mayor, Rob Ford, inhaling from what two Star reporters who saw the video say "appears to be a glass crack pipe." Meanwhile, in Ottawa, expense scandals led to Senators Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy leaving the Conservative caucus. What's a defeated HuffPost reader to do?
"As a native New Yorker, of course I'm pulling for the Rangers," said singer Vanessa Williams. "I think the Rangers will win the Stanley Cup, because I really like the way Lundqvist plays." Director Bobby Farrelly feels for Maple Leafs fans because they're "just like Red Sox fans" -- "classy, passionate and have been deprived of winning for so long."
There is no way a team should ever blow a three-goal lead in the third period, as the Maple Leafs managed to do in just under 11 minutes Monday night in Boston. But Boston deserves the credit for stepping up their game when lesser teams would have accepted impending loss.