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2016 census

Statistics Canada has released the first installment of data gathered in the 2016 Census, with this initial snapshot offering insight on Canada's population and dwelling counts. What have we learned?
Bless you all.
They say a goal without a deadline is just a wish. But who are “they” anyway?
If you haven’t completed the 2016 Census, there’s still time to do so before enumerators make their way to your neighbourhood and come knocking on your door.
In collaboration with Statistics Canada, we dispel a few common misconceptions about the census with a game of true and false. Ready to play?
How has the Canadian family changed over the years? Statistics tells us that they’re getting smaller and more diverse, that more young adults are living at home and that by 2031, 60 per cent of Canada’s population is expected to be a visible minority.
Apart from this legal debate, let's analyze the insecurities of Pakistani-Canadians in terms of not recognizing Punjabi as mother tongue of Punjabi Pakistani Canadians: First, they don't want to count themselves with Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus. Secondly, they declare Urdu as their Muslim language.
This country.
Harper's voluntary household survey is gone, and the census is back.
Tories eliminated the long-form census in the summer of 2010.