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Home hasn't been safe for Canadians facing abuse.
How many women dare to publicly say that we won’t be patronized?
Paris Hilton exposed the controversial ‘treatment’ programs that have also traumatized Canadian teenagers.
Judgment and online attacks have forced me to step back after years of raising awareness about domestic violence.
I'd just say he was controlling. My daughter helped me see what was really going on.
Being abused as a child convinces them that they're "bad" and they deserve the same mistreatment in their adult relationships.
Bill C-75 is a small step forward, but stops short of tackling intimate femicide and domestic violence. We need a comprehensive, integrated strategy.
If you recognize someone like this at your workplace, you might be better off looking for a job somewhere else.
The main problem I faced was a distorted belief system. I felt that love came with accomplishments and accolades. I didn't believe that I was good enough to love as is. When love is missing, a lot of negative stuff comes out of the woodwork: anger, resentment, fear, jealousy.
Technology plays a large part in the lives of everyone; it's where we communicate, learn, express ourselves and spend much of our leisure time, but what does it look like when the primary medium we use for these things becomes corrupted with hate and abuse?