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Abused Women

An ad agency recently created images of three Hindu goddesses apparently to spread the message against domestic violence in India. To me it sounds like it is telling Indian men: You may think you are beating up the trifling women, but watch out! In your blind fury without knowing it you might also end up walloping the sacred ones! That sounds like, there are women that men can beat, and women that men should not beat because they are 'sacred.'
My mother's life is why I am the feminist I am. From the moment I saw her crying, holding her just-hit face, looking into my four-year-old eyes in helplessness, I knew she was something and I would dedicate my life to making her believe it.I once spoke at an event in which I touched on my mother's story. Imagine my surprise when I was later informed, by a woman no less, that one man in the audience didn't like my saying that I was a feminist and said that those he was with felt the same way. She hoped it would be food for thought for me.