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Too many immigrant South Asian parents are programmed to reject disabilities — our family wanted to change that.
A public inquiry can tell us how our mental-health system can better serve men and boys.
It's not about masking the real person in there, it's about giving your baby the tools he needs to be successful.
Moms shouldn't blame themselves, researchers say.
Screen time for kids with ASD is a complex issue, but a new study hopes to understand more.
A new study links digital media use with a "modest" increase in symptoms.
Help put your child at ease while providing them with a lot of amusement, too.
Can someone living with ADHD achieve great things? As an adult with ADHD who recently completed a PhD, I confidently reply: "certainly."
Don't confuse the disorder with immaturity.
Everyday life was a struggle. "Why is adult life is so hard?" I often wondered.
The week before school, I make an appointment to meet with her new teacher privately.
As they've been trending, fidget spinners have frequently made the news, and not in a good way.
"I never felt misunderstood. You understood."
For many individuals with ADHD, movement enhances focus. But the key to an effective fidget toy, whether it's squeezing a stress ball or peeling the label from a water bottle, is that engagement with the item happens largely without awareness, as focus lands elsewhere. With spinners, the focus seems to be landing on spinners, and that makes them distractions, not tools.
New research reveals more and more children are presenting with both disorders.
British Columbia is working to put kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in their place. Their rightful place. And it's time for the rest of Canada to do the same.
There are common theories about why ADHD is diagnosed more often. They include: More awareness of the condition, better recognition and diagnosis, pharmaceutical marketing, educational reforms and more. But recent research may hold a suprising answer. It relates to smoking during pregnancy.
The holidays are an exciting time for many children but can also be an overwhelming time for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here are some tips on how to handle the upcoming holiday season for parents and caregivers of children with ADHD.
Pedal desks are the next frontier for ADHD treatment, and with at least 1-3 students with ADHD in each classroom and a move towards bringing more movement into the classroom for all students, pedal desks in the classroom is an idea worth embracing.
Science has shown therapy to be crucial in the treatment of ADHD. In some cases, therapy has been shown to reduce medication and get rid of it altogether. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends preschool aged children (4-5 years) try therapy first before medication. But due to long wait lists, children with ADHD aren't able to access therapy quick enough in Ontario.