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It took less than 10 minutes for the vintage kicks to go.
Who wouldn’t want a brand new pair of Nike or Reebok running shoes?
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Everything has been a lie.
The campaign pictures a 1993 pic of the supermodel wearing the shoes.
Time travel may not be a myth after all.
"Three Olympic medals, three stripe life."
"This is how we can set new industry standards."
A regular neckline for men, and a plunging one for women?
From the 1976 Olympics in Montreal to FIFA World Cup 2014, it's always the same pattern: there are "unforeseen" construction cost overruns, taxpayers get stuck with the final bill while profits remain in private hands. Ordinary Brazilians are told that the world cup represents a unique opportunity to showcase their growth and to free themselves from the label of a third world nation. Brazilian trade unions and protest groups refuse to play ball. Can you blame them?
The invention of the running shoe is "the worst crime ever committed against the human foot." To see the proof, one needn't look further than the mysterious Tarahumara Indians of Mexico for whom 300-mile runs were routine, and 60-mile runs a jaunt. They wear nothing but sandals, and suffer no injuries.