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affordable housing

The usual sources of demand for apartments have all dried up.
The average house price has jumped 11.2 per cent in the past year.
Barely more than half of millennials believe they will ever own a home. But there's no rental housing for them, either.
A new survey from Statistics Canada finds one in five renter households in Toronto are suffering from overcrowding.
Lower mortgage rates, help for first-time buyers and increased immigration levels are all pushing the housing market upwards.
Justin Trudeau's government will likely have to work on housing policy with the NDP, who have more ambitious plans than the Liberals.
The NDP seem to be the only party listening to the experts when it comes to the housing crisis.
Here are some of the most affordable places to live in Canada
Falling interest rates around the world are helping out homebuyers in Toronto and Vancouver.
Just 3 per cent of neighbourhoods have affordable two-bedroom units, and that's not a typo.