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When you get old, you start to become invisible. I refuse to let that happen.
I am reminded that aging isn't a privilege afforded to everyone, but one I would be grateful to have.
The average age in the workplace is rapidly shifting to a younger cohort, but that doesn't mean you need to feel you have to leave the business world.
Why shouldn't our 50s be one of the most exciting decades, personally and professionally?
We should increasingly ask how much time and stress is expended by caregivers negotiating with medical and social care systems.
For many seniors, our work, our career roles define who we are.
It's all about the length of your telomeres.
Elite runner Jean-Paul Bedard shares his secrets to growing old gracefully and shares how his difficult past influences his positive mindset.
Growing old gracefully is not just a matter of coasting into the sunset - it's constantly treading water. Elite runner and writer Jean-Paul Bedard shares how his philosophy of movement, gratitude and forgiveness helps him to stay young at heart and mind despite a difficult past.