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air strike

The world’s largest confederation of labour groups has criticized the Conservative government in a new report, saying Ottawa’s
Air Canada is warning that travel across the country on its flights could be delayed or cancelled on reports of job action
An apparent “sick-out” by Air Canada pilots that triggered dozens of flight disruptions on Friday risks turning customers
Beset by nearly continuous labour unrest and a string of operational hiccups, Air Canada is at risk of losing market share
A war against unions will feed some red meat to the party base, but at what cost both short and long term to our economy and is it worth the risk at this stage of our economic recovery?
UPDATE IV: CUPE has confirmed that flight attendants will not be going on strike tonight. According to the union, the Canadian
The post-recession world has not been kind to organized labour. With corporations and governments under pressure to cut costs
Workers are universally loved (or at least they get some rhetorical "props") when they're downtrodden, but the moment they have the gall to look beyond their "place," they're met with a wave of righteous indignation: Who do they think they are, anyway?
We're seeing the beginning of a prolonged, multi-pronged attack on unionized workers by the Conservatives. Their anti-worker war machine is revving its engines. Sirens have sounded. The first missiles have been launched.
CBC -- Picket lines are down and travel ease expectations are up Friday as Air Canada customer service and sales staff are