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The area is currently under “red alert” meaning indoor gatherings are prohibited, let alone 83-person ragers.
Some Ontario condo dwellers are scared enough to ban Airbnb, but the site itself is taking bookings.
Signs are growing that Airbnb hosts are selling their properties or renting them out in the apartment market.
We found unique rentals from California to Nairobi with near-perfect reviews.
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The hospital wants to give donors a look into what it's like to stay in the pediatric ICU.
The paradise is on Nukutepipi, in French Polynesia.
It's on top of a dispensary in Hamilton, Ont.
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The platform "will continue to stand for acceptance," CEO Brian Chesky said.
Bill Steele lives in the former Dorchester jail and is inviting strangers to experience it too.
Especially those in Canada's four biggest cities.
The country has seen a large spike in unoccupied housing since the start of the century.
Don't know about you, but I'm really loving the fact that U.S. citizens and CEOs (in ever increasing numbers) are standing up to Donald Trump, calling him out, defying him and fighting back. And it doesn't look like they have any plans to give up any time soon.
Many companies have thrived through innovation by leveraging the global connections. The crucial question is, if companies become so successful that they start to impact local economies, job markets, real estate prices, etc., should government intervene with regulation or let free markets reign?
Robertson's vacancy and Airbnb taxes are a significant stumble down a slippery slope. If these new taxes don't raise the vacancy rate high enough, will he go after unoccupied suites in homes? Empty bedrooms? If private housing is now a social good, with its use essentially controlled through tax and regulation, what's to stop these next steps?
My partner of almost five years and I are planning a wedding celebration in Italy. Not because I am chasing the aforementioned goal, and not because we want to be fancy, but because half the guest list is already there. So there's my Mario, who is, as you may have guessed, very Italian. For many, this will be a destination wedding and a chance to experience Italy. That said, the biggest challenge presents itself. With all the venue options under the Tuscan sun, how the heck does a girl choose?