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Alberta carbon tax

Last week, the Trudeau government announced a 'technical paper' on its proposed federal carbon tax which suggests it will mimic Alberta's carbon tax plan, quashing the optimism of those who believed the federal government when they said their carbon tax would be revenue neutral.
It's confusing, so we're breaking it down.
“We don’t have the ability to write-off or to otherwise pay for the taxes."
Yes, it's going to cost more at the pump.
“We’ve consistently found opposition to new taxes in Alberta."
Alberta's new climate change strategy includes an economy-wide tax on carbon.
"I encourage Premier Notley, and all of Alberta, to follow this first step with continued bold action."
With all the gloom-and-doom swirling around Edmonton this week, an outside observer might conclude a state funeral was in the works instead of an annual budget presentation.Yet while Premier Redford undeniably has tough decisions to make, there are promising signals that she is looking beyond bubbles and examining a range of more enduring solutions to the province's challenges.