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Alberta Education

It's calling for one public system that is respectful of diversity.
It is always much easier not to do the responsible, adult thing. No one gets pleasure from taking care of that sink full of dishes that collected over the weekend. If only we had the good luck to be the Alberta Tories, we could just ignore our responsibilities for years and then have someone else clean up.
Pastor Brian Coldwell says he won't let "gay activists" in his schools.
Some of these policies deserve to end up in detention.
As Alberta rolls out its climate plan this kind of deal starts to make more and more sense. Hedging yourself and your organization against future carbon risk is just the smart and money-saving thing to do. As other school boards and municipalities start to complain about the carbon tax it's worth holding up these 25 school boards as an example of what you can do to mitigate carbon risk.
We know that LGBTQ students still face a difficult situation in schools and there's ample evidence to back this up. Recent research shows that 64 per cent of LGBTQ students in Canada don't feel safe at school and 70 per cent of all students say they hear anti-gay slurs and remarks EVERY SINGLE DAY.
"He was one of those educators that you wish were in charge of an entire state or nation."
Larry Kowalczyk compared transgender students to those with a 'mental disorder.'
Marcey Kliparchuk says she started to investigate the dangers of Wi-Fi four years ago, when a cell phone tower was going up next to her school.