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alberta election 2015

Canadians throughout the years have been convinced that they have only one choice to choose between either of the Liberals or Conservatives. This particular "doctrine" has ruled out any opportunity for other political parties to rule the nation in any way.
Bruce MacKinnon does it again.
Ed Schultz may be on to something.
Claims he's just "dealing in reality."
Twitter rears its hyperbolical head, again.
It wouldn't be the first time that the hockey team and the Prentice name have crossed paths.
Pinch yourself. And here are three other surreal highlights.
“Really, I was just joking around."
Everyone has an opinion on what happened in Alberta, and, as usual, commentators delight in centering in on party politics to determine what really happened. But the real story is to be found in the collective frustrations of citizens themselves and how the once happy claimants to a prosperous province nevertheless pivoted in a fashion that still smacks of the unbelievable.