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alberta flooding 2013

When disaster strikes, the costs -- both emotionally and financially -- can be significant. While it's impossible to predict when and where the next emergency scenario or disaster may strike, the principles of preparedness remain the same.
Almost a year after Mounties were accused of acting independently during a mandatory evacuation of High River following last
Alberta’s beleaguered disaster-compensation system triggered warnings from federal auditors well before the worst flooding
It's been a year since heavy, relentless rain began falling on the southern Alberta Rockies. Torrential rains began in Canmore
It's been a year since heavy, relentless rain began falling on the southern Alberta Rockies. Torrential rains began in Canmore
It's amazing to see the progress Alberta has made since the deluge of water that devastated many areas in the southern Alberta
New statistics published by the Alberta government this week show just how far the province has come since the deluge of
Ten days before Calgary was inundated last summer, supercomputers half a world away were spitting out predictions that showed
Alberta flood victims living in a temporary housing project in Calgary have been given eviction notices. According to the
As waters rose to levels that threatened to swallow vast swaths of southern Alberta this summer, it was the question that
It was shortly after 7 a.m. on June 20 when Trevor Allan finally got his first heads-up that High River was about to be overwhelmed
2. WE LEARNED THAT... those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Reports and strategies published following the 2005
Calgary’s physical defences against flooding will be only marginally better by next spring, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi believes
One year before flooding devastated Calgary, officials were given a study that warned the next big flood to hit the city
Give yourselves a hand, fine folks of Alberta – you've been voted 2013's newsmaker of the year. National news website
A recently-released photo taken from a flight over Calgary captures the extent of flooding the city experienced in June and
Time is running out for Albertans to apply for disaster assistance from the province. Those with uninsurable damage caused
Federal aid aimed at Alberta's flood recovery and mitigation efforts will be a lengthy process that could stretch out over
June's rush of water and November's fresh blast of winter have Calgary affordable housing advocates fearing the worst. Rental