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Alberta Wildrose

This process shouldn't be about simply winning the next election and removing Rachel Notley from power. Uniting the two parties needs to be about building a new party that is principled, accountable to grassroots members and the people of Alberta, and focused on improving the lives of everyday Albertans.
Conservative leaders across the country are just now poking their heads out of their foxholes and acknowledging that yes, carbon taxes are not the job-killing boogeyman the Harper government tried (and tried and tried) to frame them as. These same conservative leaders are now going on the record on carbon taxes and blazing a trail that Wildrose leader Brian Jean is studiously ignoring.
As a backbencher in Ottawa, no one paid much attention to Brian Jean. But now that's he's the leader of the Official Opposition here in Alberta, what has he actually said -- on the record -- about the environment, climate change, wind energy and carbon pricing? Let's look and see.
Last time we checked in with the Wildrose on climate change MLA Rick Strankman was asking the government to table specific research on why the government was bringing in a key part of its climate change plan -- coal phase out.
George Clark is pretty easy to laugh off. But when March 8 rolled around, I found myself on the Alberta Legislature grounds with a crowd of a couple hundred overwhelmingly white people gathered for George Clark's glorious revolution. And while it started out as funny, by the time it was over it had gotten a little scary.
As you might imagine the Alberta Prosperity Fund poll finds a small majority, 52 per cent, would vote for a newly formed PC/Wildrose party. Maggi is the CEO of Mainstreet Research, the pollster for Postmedia and he correctly called the majorities for both the federal Liberals and the provincial New Democrats. He has three major concerns.
I respect the social conservative viewpoint but believe an insistence on it alienates a new generation of conservatives and winning potential. The conservative movement cannot afford to sacrifice the added value of this generation in lieu of social conservative ideological purity. To do so confines the movement to its base, and opposition.
An assassination threat is a serious call to action and the owner must be held accountable. For days, hateful and vulgar comments about assassinating Rachel Notley were on Wildrose leader Brian Jean's Facebook page. This goes beyond letting off steam over Bill 6.
Perhaps the legislature's early morning start times are too much for the party.
The NDP wants to make legislative hours more family friendly.