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Alison Redford

The stipend affair has not been one of Clark's shining moments. It was sad that a premier who once boasted she was going to put families first didn't appreciate the optics of accepting a semi-secret, five-figure top-up that was more than most British Columbians make in a year.
It's that time of year when many of us consider making a few resolutions for self-improvement. In the spirit of the season, it only seems fitting to suggest five resolutions for the British Columbia's MLAs.
It will irk NDP partisans seeing their newly crowned Alberta premier mingling with those they traditionally oppose. But Notley's speech made it clear she plans to work closely with other provinces and the PM, in addition to First Nations, union and local government leaders to benefit her province.
Can Prentice get the Right to hold their collective noses in 2015? The answer to that question will decide the election.
Breaking her silence after a year in political exile, former Alberta premier Alison Redford admits she is a “polarizing figure
Former Alberta premier Alison Redford won't face any charges over her spending while she held the province's top job, the
Follow Us On Twitter To say 2014 was a rough year for the Alberta government would be an understatement. It was a year plagued
The Alberta government planes that more or less ended former premier Alison Redford's career have been put up for sale. The
Less than a week after Alberta RCMP confirmed an investigation into Alison Redford's spending, an internal government review
An Alberta Justice internal review concluded former premier Alison Redford could face four criminal charges if allegations