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With great hosting comes great responsibility, and being prepared is the best way to host with confidence!
It's also not the greatest news for Asians.
There are actually two main causes of allergy symptoms: indoor and outdoor triggers. While most people understand seasonal (outdoor) allergies are caused by pollen in the air, there are a number of factors that contribute to indoor allergies, which can affect people year-round. Symptoms can be similar, but it's important to remember indoor and outdoor allergies are caused by different sources, and therefore should be managed differently.
Older people can, in fact, develop allergies.
GLUTEN-FREE (GF) IS A CATCHY FAD that has become more popular over the last few years. You've probably seen many different
Despite popular perception, allergies are not always benign. Symptoms such as a sneezing, a runny and stuffy nose, and itchy eyes can prevent a good night's sleep, resulting in fatigue and reduced productivity at school and work. These symptoms may also keep you hiding indoors, removing the 'spring' in spring!
Bye bye itchy, watery eyes!
You're not alone. I remember the first time the doctor called me to tell me my son had celiac disease. I was horrified! It's alright to cry, get angry, lose your cool. It's alright to mourn the loss of gluten from your life. Breathe, accept the diagnosis and trust that you will get there. After a few months, life gets easier and the celiac patient starts to feel better.
Spring is in the air, which also means that pollen, mold, and other allergens are too. The Canadian Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Lifestyle remedies can help prevent or soothe CIU and include wearing loose clothing, avoiding scratching, cooling the skin with a shower or fan, avoiding known triggers and keeping a diary to track the where and why of outbreaks. But as CIU is an easy target for alternative treatments that promise a cure but have little scientific basis, it's buyer beware when it comes to lotions and potions.
Summer is fast approaching. Days full of swimming, sports, alcohol, and hot weather create a perfect storm of conditions for accident and illness. Here are five simple tips, based on my 10 years of working in the ER, which will make a huge difference to both the speed and safety of any ER visit.
Of the information generation, many are self-diagnosing as being "gluten free," "lactose intolerant," etc. While removing these foods from a diet will almost never cause anyone harm, it often requires a more thorough understanding to truly comprehend if what we're eating, drinking, or breathing can harm us or heal us.
Ahhh, spring. The time of sun, flowers and... Oh, right. It's allergy season too. But how do I know if I'm suffering from
If a child is allergic to anchovies or mustard, it is likely not a huge inconvenience for other parents to refrain from sending such items to school. But dairy and eggs? It is just impossible to expect every parent and grandparent who prepares school lunches and snacks to be savvy enough to never make a mistake.
Who knew the humble Christmas tree could send you into allergenic meltdown? Or that an undusted festive bauble could ruin the party? Yup, it's fair to report that, during the holiday season, Canadians sneeze themselves into high orbit. Don't let your allergies ruin your season of giving; follow our guide to make it to the New Year with minimal sneezing and maximum fun.
The good news with all of this gluten business is, if you eliminate it from your diet and you're sensitive, symptoms will get better. I have seen this many times clinically, spoken to many people who have experienced this, and the research corroborates these findings.