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The actress opens up about how alopecia has shifted her attitude.
"The only thing preventing you from doing something you love, is you."
Formulas and supplements that can reduce thinning and hair loss in women.
There are many reasons for it — and many treatments too.
AA is an autoimmune disease in which inflammation causes hair loss that manifests as localized bald patches on the scalp. The cause is yet to be verified, but the Canadian Dermatology Association states that hair loss can be caused by stress, childbirth, diet or even underlying issues such as lupus or diabetes. In my specific case, my dermatologist could not provide me with anything conclusive, but she strongly suggested my AA was stress-induced.
As a woman, you can't always control your weight or pimples on your skin, but curating luscious locks always seems to be the perfect refuge. Finding out I was no longer able to do that felt like part of my femininity was destroyed.
We've yet to discover a "cure" for baldness, that doesn't mean there aren't breakthrough treatments out there -- and 2014 could be a banner year for several important new hair loss treatments. If you're one of the 80 million American men and women who suffer from hair loss, here are four key treatments that could become more widely available to you in 2014.
A new experiment to regrow hair by cloning follicles and using discarded infant foreskins to graft them has shown some early
Researchers say they are very close to unleashing a product that could finally draw the curtain on the dreaded comb-over