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Amazing Race eliminated contestants

This was an incredibly grueling leg of the race. Imagine leaving sunny -- and scorching! -- Quebec City for the -17C Iqaluit (in the middle of summer). As has become the norm, Jet put it best: "Ugh, my pants are at the bottom of my bag."
Canada's sweethearts (Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of BodyBreak) showed a different side of themselves as they battled their way through Regina, Saskatachewan this week on The Amazing Race Canada.
It's hard to believe, but one of the front-running teams on "Amazing Race Canada" has been eliminated before the halfway
It happened. An episode of The Amazing Race Canada where teams were asked to "run half a kilometre across the frozen lake to find their next clue."
After last week's lacklustre sophomore episode, The Amazing Race Canada reclaimed its mojo this week in Calgary. Leaving the "Birthplace of Greenpeace" (Vancouver) behind, the teams finally encountered challenging Roadblocks, excessive "strategery," stress and do-si-dos.
For an episode that boasted a tour of "one of the most liveable cities in the world," the Vancouver-centric leg of The Amazing Race Canada was actually quite lifeless.
Sadly, the cowboys from Alberta are now walking into the sunset. Jamie and Pierre lost their way on last night's episode
Though the show is set in Canada, it does not look like, or resemble, what one would associate with Canadian reality production values, or a smaller-scale budget. The first episode was highly entertaining, and it even had a surprising ending.
They may be the first team eliminated from "The Amazing Race Canada," but twin sisters Treena and Tennille are keeping a