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On this episode: Our reporter Samantha Beattie investigated how all those single-use plastic masks are affecting our environment.
What is the "great reset," and why is the conspiracy theory suddenly being discussed all over the place?
On this episode: We Charity shuts down in Canada, and why are there still "girl" masks and "boy" masks?
On this episode: Canada faces another pandemic in the form of overdoses from opioids, and there are a lot of ideas on how to stop it.
On this episode: A new film looks at cell-grown meat. And is it safe to let someone use your bathroom?
On this episode: What will life in Canada look like in three months, and 'speaking moistly' becomes the song inspiration of the pandemic
On this edition: Meet some of the front-line health-care workers dealing with COVID-19 and what they're seeing before "the storm."
On this episode: Canadians stranded abroad talk about the challenges getting home, and airlines face a tough economic time ahead.
On this episode: Canada announces more aggressive border measures to combat spread of coronavirus, and what is social distancing anyway?
On this episode: The government's computers are sorely in need of an update, and people reveal their most Canadian moments.