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amazon rainforest

VF Corp will stop buying Brazilian until "the materials used in our products do not contribute to environmental harm in the country.”
Human activities are killing our best defences against climate change.
Jair Bolsonaro responded to a Facebook post that compared the looks of spouses.
More than 70,000 blazes have erupted in the region this year, Brazil's space agency says.
While the economy around coffee grows, and Canada tops coffee consumption, the Amazon rainforest vanishes.
Nearly two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, the world's largest tropical forest. And after a period of success for environmentalists it appears deforestation rates are increasing again. Last year, the Amazon region saw a 29 per cent increase in deforestation -- the highest level since 2008.
"This place is beautiful. You have to fight to protect it."
Rare footage of indigenous Amazonian tribesmen's first contact with the outside world has emerged, capturing the attention
Dr. Gregory Asner didn't need hyper-spectral imaging to tell him something was very wrong with Earth's mightiest rain forest