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American Apparel

The legacy of Dov Charney, an alleged serial sexual harasser, has no place on the backs of Canadians.
And it's quite similar to American Apparel.
Death knell for the retail provocateur?
We have a feeling Miley Cyrus has something to do with this!
In an age where one well-placed tweet or a vine secretly filmed by an unengaged employee or unsatisfied customer can cost a company millions of dollars, business leaders will have to adapt or die. The inner workings of a company are no longer strictly "inner." And within this reality, transparency is the secret weapon for leaders in the new economy.
Are you the "young girl," the "classic girl" or the "party girl?"
Another day, another American Apparel controversy. The American retail chain is under fire yet again (seriously, they should
American Apparel is trying to clean up its dirty image -- but its going about in the wrong way. After causing controversy
But even if those photos weren't posted by American Apparel, there's still plenty on its website to disturb you. It features
Abercrombie & Fitch has been peddling billboards of apparently-naked men for decades and it seemed to work okay. American Apparel shocked and titillated with its early campaigns: using sex appeal to sell such sundry basics as t-shirts and socks. My theory? BAD sex doesn't sell. And this is one similarity between the porn and fashion industries.