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Recently, it seems the Canadian economic outlook is far from ideal. But what does it mean for the country's biggest businesses? What are companies focused on in 2016 and beyond? What strategies are they employing to set up their organizations for long-term success, and how will these new priorities impact Canada's workforce?
If you're a young woman just beginning her career, unfortunately there is no blueprint for success. No set of rules or guidelines to follow, no guarantee of "having it all." The truth is we all work at different companies and in different industries, report to different leaders, face different challenges and, most importantly, want different things.
Like a plant needs water, every business requires a great deal of working capital to grow. However, getting access to capital has historically been a problem for small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada. Here's how Canadian companies can use smart cash flow management to fund their growth and build a competitive advantage.
When thinking of millennials, it's common to picture fresh-faced graduates straight out of school and ready to change the planet -- which is why it's easy to forget that this much-discussed generation (anyone born after 1981) has been in the working world for over a decade, with many of them now holding down senior titles and highly influential positions.
Entrepreneurs often underestimate how long it can take to get paid. Whatever the reason for late payments, it's another headache taking your focus away from what you really love about your business. Here are some simple strategies you can adopt to help encourage timely payment and even speed up the process.
For years Facebook has maintained an imperious and stony silence against pleas from users and victims about its most objectionable content. But on May 27th, Facebook finally flinched. And then it cratered, caved and capitulated in the course of a single phone call after a one-week #fbrape campaign by the smartest feminists on the planet. By the time Glenford Canning's moving blog post to Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Huffington Post, Facebook was on the phone to campaign organizers, agreeing to every term demanded from the outset.
If you want to know what's bugging the average small business owner, ask for his or her opinion about the credit card processing fees. Every time you buy something with a credit card, it costs the merchant. And here's the rub: Visa and MasterCard rules say that merchants must accept all the cards within their brand. That isn't fair, and consumers are paying the price for premium cards. Instead of charging the cardholders a bit more, merchants are forced to raise their prices on everyone to make up the difference.