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Andrew Leslie

The retired lieutenant-general was recruited by the Grits four years ago.
Trudeau said there is “no clear path forward” and “no consensus."
The parliamentary secretary also suggested Canada needs to look after its own interests.
Andrew Leslie says he's held about 1,000 sit-downs with MPs in the past six months, many related to bill C-14.
Conservatives, New Democrats will vote as they see fit.
Bill Morneau will serve as Canada's next finance minister.
Some fascinating people are set to make their mark in the next session of Parliament.
The remark sparked chants of "shame."
Last week on Power and Politics, retired general and star Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie chided the Minister of Veterans Affairs "to lead or get out of the way." His tone and mannerisms were that of a general berating a captain.
It is next to impossible to develop an appropriate plan for dealing with security threats unless you understand what has caused them. And it may seem counterintuitive, at first, to link Canadian national security concerns with international climate change. However, recent negative trends affecting our already fragile climate, and the associated impacts on weather and the global ecosystem, are a real and present danger to our national security.
The leader of that party does what he wants, when he wants, and no one dares question him. Would a Prime Minister Trudeau arbitrarily whip the vote and outlaw certain moral questions? Could Prime Minister Trudeau be trusted to make decisions for the good of the country, not just for his personal self-worth? Would Trudeau call in the police to enforce his vision? Let's hope we never have the opportunity to ask those questions.
A star Liberal recruit and key foreign policy adviser to Justin Trudeau is facing sharp criticism from Conservatives over
OTTAWA - A retired Canadian general who hopes to be elected as a Liberal MP next year believes Israel's military forces fired
OTTAWA – The federal government will no longer reimburse retiring Canadian Forces members’ same-city moves following a Global
OTTAWA – The Department of National Defence is extremely generous to retiring soldiers who use their last move to switch
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau prides himself on openness and transparency, but the party's decision to abandon a convention
Once again we have a spending scandal occupying the attention of Canadians. This time however, it doesn't involve our esteemed senators but two former generals, Andrew Leslie who is presently a senior Liberal advisor and Daniel Menard who retired in disgrace from the armed forces. Leslie claimed $72,000 for moving expenses and Menard claimed $40,000.
Justin Trudeau has vowed the economy will be top of mind for Liberals as they inch closer to an election next year. But his
One of the Liberals' star recruits is on the verge of selecting the riding where he'll make a bid for Parliament in 2015