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The turn towards targeting certain political figures is concerning. Despite Trump's vomit-inducing charades, the truth remains that as an American citizen, he DOES have the right to say what he chooses. Although some of what he says could fall under the category of "hate speech", we keep forgetting that there is a very simple solution to our Trump dilemma: stop voting for him. Really, isn't it the public's fault that he's still there?
The hacktivist group Anonymous has delivered on their promise of exposing 1,000 alleged sympathizers of the Ku Klux Klan
The group has a new target: The Ku Klux Klan.
UPDATE - July 20, 2015: The coroners' service has issued a news release identifying the victim as 48-year-old James Daniel
Speculation is flying online that the hacker group Anonymous may have been responsible for the shutdown of the New York Stock
"The games have just begun," the group tweeted.
Technology doesn’t occur in a vacuum, as the heart-wrenching documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy” about the late information
In a society that values liberty, a whistleblower should be a hero. A whistleblower should not be forced to choose between their personal well-being and coming forward. Edward Snowden's insider announcement on the scope of the NSA's ability to gather, archive, and analyze information should come as no shock to the more cynical among us. It was easy enough to assume, but now we're staring down the truth of it. If we don't find a way to pressure the powers that be to give up some of their hidden power, contrary to all of their self-aggrandizing instincts, we're in for a very stark decline into a classically dystopian future.
Edmonton police are warning the public against vigilante action after a YouTube video was posted over the weekend, outing
Hacking collective Anonymous reacted with outrage Thursday to posters spread by supporters of the suspects in the alleged