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anti-black racism

Strangers hijacked a Black non-profit organization’s Zoom meeting to yell horrible racial slurs.
One mom says families should talk “every time you see systemic racism.”
The Canadian singer has been unwavering in his support to racial justice non-profit organizations.
He learned from the late Rep. John Lewis in a 2018 episode.
Posting statements about anti-Black racism could indirectly hurt their own employees.
From teachers who don't act on racist behaviour to lessons that don't showcase their culture, problems abound.
"I wrote this for us," said Egypt, before proving he's definitely inherited his mom's talent.
There are two crises in front of us: COVID-19 and the emergence of systemic racism deniers.
If we truly want to effect change that could stop police killings of Black people, we need to have this conversation.
“It hurt me,” said Philonise Floyd in an interview with MSNBC.
Amy Cooper lost her dog and possibly her job. Christian Cooper, the Black man she called the cops on, could have lost his life.
We have long taken a hall pass for critical examination of anti-Blackness within our communities.
"This behaviour is simply unacceptable," a Peel District School Board spokesperson said.
Regardless of behaviour and appearance, our very presence is often perceived as a threat, best contained with force.
They are the clenched jaw, the racing heartbeat and the rapid breathing. They are the discomfort, fear, anxiety, suspicion and disgust. For police, racist feelings are particularly dangerous. In altercations with African Americans, some police to feel a heightened sense of threat, even when no such threat exists.
Their answers reveal how the media shapes their perspectives.