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Anti-Terror Bill

It took Trudeau three days to have a "decent response" on Berlin's terror attack, the Tory MP said.
Canadians have spoken out loudly against Bill C-51. Last year, hundreds of gatherings took place across Canada, and Canadians clearly showed and expressed their concerns about its contents and the extensive, unjustified powers it grants to security agencies. So, why is the Liberal government conducting consultations?
In the midst of the honeymoon period of the new Justin Trudeau Liberal government, we're seeing positive changes in a lot of the top areas that resonate with Canadians. However, we've still not heard anything about resolving Bill C-51, one of the top political issues in Canada this year.
The Harper government's controversial anti-terror legislation is set to become law after the Senate voted Tuesday to pass
"An institution that votes on a bill to violate the basic principles of our society on the same day that they are found to have routinely misused public funds is one that cares very little for its own credibility."
"I understand the concerns that people have but the biggest concern we have is making sure that we are protecting Canadians at the same time as we are upholding their rights."
The constitutional lawyer who torpedoed Stephen Harper's pick for the Supreme Court says he will contest the government's
“This goes just too far. It goes over the top.”
With the support of federal Liberals, the Conservative government's controversial anti-terror legislation passed the House
Support for Bill C-51 is sliding as more Canadians learn about the controversial legislation, a new survey says
Ed Broadbent says he never thought he'd see the day the Liberals would back away from defending the Charter
Bill C-51 is an omnibus anti-terrorism bill that grants CSIS new information sharing powers and converts CSIS from a covert intelligence gathering organization to a covert enforcement agency. Ms. Soapbox is here to offer four simple suggestions to keep you out of trouble when Stephen Harper's majority government finally passes this monstrous piece of legislation.
An NDP MP accused Canada’s public safety minister of using “inflated rhetoric” after he referred to the Holocaust during
The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke sent an open letter to Stephen Harper on Wednesday expressing concerns about how Bill C
He said it’s important to not "throw away all of our rights, all of our liberties, all of our traditional freedoms, because we're afraid of rare instances of criminal activity."
Rant inspires us all not to give into fear.
Only in Canada. Advocacy group Lead Now has released a new ad encouraging Canadians to speak out against the Conservative
OTTAWA — Muslims are often the scapegoats in political debates, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair said Wednesday. “There is a vilification
Critics ranging from Jean Chretien to Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald all urge caution when it comes to Bill C-51.