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anti vaccine

And more doctors are dropping them as patients.
"It’s been a nightmare."
Debunking myths about the "vaccine alternatives."
Vaccinations can be a controversial topic among parents. And now, with the measles outbreak in California Disney parks, the
“Anti-vaccination is intensely selfish. Not vaccinating a child amounts to taking a free ride on the good practices of others.”
A totally preventable disease is making a comeback. The measles is back in the news following an outbreak at Disneyland. There
Drinking and driving is a choice -- however, it's an illegal choice because drunk drivers might kill themselves or, even worse, kill others who didn't have a say in the matter. But at least I've never heard of any drunk drivers justifying their actions by arguing that people die in car accidents not involving alcohol, too. That's the anti-vaccine rationale some parents are using to justify bringing back potentially deadly diseases and putting their children and others at risk, including infants, the elderly and people with immunodeficiencies or on chemotherapy.
A Manitoba mother feels she's being bullied because she won't vaccinate her son against measles. Aidan Walsh, a Grade 5 student