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anti-vaccine movement

Billboard company confirmed it's pulling them early.
Italy just voted to overturn a law that had made vaccines mandatory in schoolchildren.
The early 20th century anti-vax argument was about freedom, conspiracies, pseudoscience and parental anxiety while nowadays...
"There is a line."
"Vaccinate your children! I am begging you."
Robert De Niro initially supported the film, but changed his mind after much backlash.
UPDATE: On Tuesday, Feb. 17 (the 21-day mark after being exposed), Hibben-White's husband told CTV News the children had
With new measles cases being reported in Canada, it seems more important than ever for the public to be made aware of the
The information war over vaccination is an obvious reflection of this fear. Public health has had its hands full during this war, but has failed to really counter the misinformation in vaccine hesitant communities. We are in desperate need for a new message, and a group of high school students from California have made one in a most spectacular way. Despite the myth-makers, the spin addicts, and the conspiracy nuts, cigarette use has gone down, climate science has become even more exact, and vaccines have been shown to be both safe and effective.
All of the Googling and general science knowledge in the world will not and cannot replace years of research and study on vaccines and both their efficacy and safety. And yet parents consistently choose not to vaccinate children based on their own "research."