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A new study suggests a possible solution to the diarrhea and stomach infections that can accompany a regimen of antibiotics.
We are heading towards that post-antibiotic era and there seems to be little that can be done to stop it.
This natural sweetener has been used to fight infections for millennia, although in modern times it has been moved to the sidelines.
As much as public health officials have tried to slow the progress of antibiotic resistance, the pace has not slowed.
With the help of killer molecules known as PNAs, it may be the key to stalling the growth of bacterial cells.
American researchers have recently revealed one of the ingredients in milk may be necessary for the growth of Clostridium difficile bacteria.
Several different bacterial and fungal species can be found in cheese and their interactions can be monitored.
A need exists for rapid change in the social mindset of the next generation on antibiotics. If our youth do not appreciate the challenges facing public health officials today, they may end up living under the shadow of untreatable bacterial infections known as the post-antibiotic era.
If we can prevent infections before they begin, we can reduce the amount of antibiotics used in medicine. In light of the wide array of uses already known - and possibly more to come - we may have a simple yet effective way to use our own natural chemistry to keep us safe.