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arms deal

Canada's reaction to Jamal Khashoggi's death thus far makes it clear the government's claim of a human-rights based foreign policy is false.
Ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and halting all trade, will let the world know that Canada actually takes its supposed values seriously.
Canada shouldn't be seen as a country daring to take the first step against Saudi Arabia, but rather as a bully's friend who said the wrong thing.
Canadians have spoken. Reasonable risk has been established. Evidence has been presented. All possible red flags have been raised. At this point, proceeding with this deal will utterly and predictably undermine the integrity of Canada's export control system.
No line taken by the government in this matter will please everyone. Perhaps it will plough through with the deal and weather the heat from critics, no matter how persistent. Alternatively, if it decides to open the books on the Saudi deal, and the contract is altered, suspended or cancelled, there will be complaints from those concerned for the economy. The Saudi arms deal presents the new government with an admittedly complex policy challenge. But challenges can result in opportunity.
Canada is selling ultra-modern fighting machines, routinely fitted with large-calibre guns, cannons and mortars -- unequivocally covered by Canada's military export control policy. If the deal proceeds, let us not forget that it did so with full prior knowledge of export safeguards and of the end user's abysmal human rights record.
Less than two months before Ottawa announced a $14.8-billion military export contract with Saudi Arabia Canada provided substantial input concerning the Saudi human rights situation at the United Nations Human Rights Council. And while progress has been utterly lacking in relation to every single recommendation made by Canada, it is now all but certain that the deal with the autocratic Kingdom will proceed.