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As It Happens

I know from personal experience that sometimes, when you're trying to make a difference, you wonder whether you actually are and if it's worth even trying to carry on.
Recently, I was invited to a happening, an evening "of celebration, comedy, music, and discussion with expert panellists" organized by an obviously worthy volunteer group called Reimagine CBC. Seems Reimagine CBC and another volunteer group have just finished a survey of some 11,000 Canadians aimed at finding out what we, the citizens, want of our CBC.
I am incredibly lucky to be interning at a Rwandan radio station as a reporter and newsreader. But a lot of the time I find things don't work out quite the way they did in Canada. I have to remind myself to relax on an almost hourly basis. In Canada, I was so used to planning everything, controlling everything, always being prepared. Here in Rwanda, that approach doesn't always fly, and for a while, I felt like I was getting nowhere, until...