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asylum seekers

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is also calling on Trudeau to denounce the U.S. president’s actions.
We did some fact checking on claims made about immigration screening and national security.
We cannot knowingly allow an agency with zero external oversight to carry out this plan.
My country's government has thrown hundreds into a system of immigrant jails and prisons rife with human rights violations.
We must demonstrate through actions and not just words that "peace, order and good governance" prevail and they do so in a timely manner.
As asylum seekers from the U.S. head north, it may be a good time to fact-check whether these are illegal border crossers after all.
Ontario upped its $72-million ask to cover asylum seekers costs to $175 million.
Doug Ford wants the federal government to write Toronto a $72-million cheque.
He said it wasn't obvious the premier was aware of Canada's international obligations.
Finding unidentified bodies is a new normal in Turkey's coastal cities.
People are offering to pay them for help with fake claims.
Donald Trump's illegal policies targeting asylum seekers have rendered the Safe Third Country Agreement unlawful in Canada.
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An open-borders policy entails that all people regardless of citizenship, origin, wealth or skills are permitted to enter Canada.
The questions are premised upon Islamophobic diatribes that are outdated, politically incorrect and inconsistent with good government policy.
Haitian-Canadian MP Emmanuel Dubourg travelled to Miami to meet with Haitian leaders and temporary protected status holders this week. He warned asylum seekers against trying to enter Canada "irregularly."
Becoming a refugee in the United States wasn't a happy choice; it was painful choice I was pushed to take because all the other options are horrifying.
"People forget the resilience; [refugees] are human beings that have survived."
They also don't get to "jump the queue" ahead of people in refugee camps.