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There are some signs that need to be universal — traffic lights, for example, or no smoking signs. But there's one symbol
For anyone who lives in the beautiful city of Toronto, we often do feel like we're in the centre of the universe. We have
Periods can be a complicated topic for many people, but when you give a box of tampons and a chart of a woman's reproductive
In order to reduce sexual assault on campuses in the U.S., one group is raising awareness with rubber. In collaboration with
Just a day after launching a brand new sex ed and health curriculum in Ontario, talking about sex with kids in general has
She doesn't need to look like Wonder Woman to do something remarkable — India's latest superhero is taking on one of the
You may think you know exactly where the vagina is, but if you were asked to draw it out on a piece of paper, you'd likely
Kim Anami is travelling around the world lifting things with her vagina. Possibly more than you can lift with your biceps
Uploaded by Trig of Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef'Tis the season... A wonderful display of exotic fruits." data-caption="Uploaded
If you've ever wanted to send a passive-aggressive message of dislike to an annoying co-worker, ex-partner or that gossipy