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baby boomers

Living space is much harder to buy now in Toronto and Vancouver.
Under Premier Doug Ford, the health-care system won't get the investment that experts say it needs.
With housing affordability deteriorating, it’s only getting harder to move out of the family home.
The vast majority of seniors plan to stay in their homes through retirement. That's bad news for young homebuyers.
People living on a fixed income are ill-equipped to handle large rises in housing costs.
But working longer won't make much of a difference if they're paying off debt.
Milennial homebuyers have a leg up depending on the "living inheritance" they get.
We can reasonably assume that most people are familiar with diet- and lifestyle-related recommendations, although they may not always turn those into action. But instead of neglecting your health needs because you are too busy or are having too much fun, you should lay the foundation for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life while you are in your prime.
Today, all the chatter in leadership development is about millennials and retiring boomers. Let's be honest: for most organizations, no millennial is going to be tapped for a top job, yet many of these organizations are spending money on understanding their millennials and helping boomers feel good as they retire.
There is no shortage of jokes about old age and what old people can get away with, like, you can eat dinner whenever you want or make remarks younger folks would get arrested for. But seriously, there are aspects of aging that really can make a difference in how we relate to what is still in store for us.