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baby products

They're tried and tested by those who have been in the trenches.
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "dangerous baby products"? PBA plastic bottles? Toys with small, chokeable parts? Flame-retardant clothes? The obvious list of culprits is long. But the reality is some commonly used products are unsafe for infants, too.
Jessica Alba's Honest Company is attempting to block popular Montreal-based mom blogger Honest Toddler from using the Honest Toddler name. The gist is 'we're protecting ourselves' versus 'this should be a non-issue leave us alone.' If ever there was a chance of me buying Alba's products, there is no chance now.
We use the Internet to keep in touch and access information, but maybe people need to take a step back and look at the sources of information before they rely on it, believe it, and share it. It's the opposite of the Internet making us smarter. It's making us complacent, gullible and ill-informed.
The way of the world is going organic, so why not use all organic products on your baby? This review should help take some of the leg work out of your search for the best organic lotions, wipes and even diapers. Below are five of our favourite organic products to keep your baby's skin as soft as... well you know.
New parents have a lot of purchasing decisions to make in the early years. Here are some wacky and wonderful finds (note that we're not using the word essential) to baffle even the most savvy buyer. Swarovski sparkle pacifier, anyone?