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Bad Bosses

To be disliked by a person who has so much control over your workday and your career is a huge stress builder.
My boss is a mess. She is so disorganized, it's driving me crazy! She forgets meetings, leaves things undone and creates more work for me because I have to fix her mistakes. I feel like her mother. It's a huge waste of my time, and it keeps me from doing the other things that need to get done.
Larry shouted at me for a file. He was neither polite nor was his volume appropriate. I calmly and deliberately brought him the wrong file. He had a temper tantrum. Yup, just like a three-year-old. I let him rage and when he stopped for a breath, I calmly and firmly said, "I cannot hear what you need when you scream at me like that."
The recent dust-up over working from home or working at work has brought a few issues to the forefront. Primarily, that dealing with a young, mobile and educated workforce is hard. When millennials work for you, life is going to be very different: they are not their father's workforce.
Plainly stated, my boss is taking credit for my work and I want to be acknowledged for what I do. I am getting tired of the lack of recognition for my contributions. What should I do?
Ask Julie: "My boss is usually late, then texts and tweets during our one-on-one meetings. Is there anything I can do to get her attention on me?"