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bad breath

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell whether you have them.
Your toothbrush can only do so much.
Last week, an international team of researchers revealed how bacteria in the oral cavity may be able to withstand even the hardest toothbrushing. Their research showed just how stable certain species can be and suggested the cure may require a more ecological approach.
Bad breath, be gone!
I wanted to learn more about how to keep your breath fresh (for such occasions) and also my teeth white (for all those blueberry smoothies I love). So I spoke to Jo-Anne Jones, RDH International Lecturer, President, RDH Connection Inc. and Key Leader for Philips Oral Healthcare. Jo-Anne shared with me her top tips to keep breath fresh and teeth white.
Have you ever talked to someone who turned you on with just their smell? Now think of that same beautiful person with bad breath, and body odour, drenched in cheap cologne or drug store perfume... Not quite the same, is it? Here are three ways to smell good and ooze that sexy scent that will drive your lover crazy.