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baggage fees

Going to the airport used to be exciting. Now, heading to the airport for a departing flight means unexpected fees, overweight baggage and a number of stresses that make you want to scream, "Just get me on that plane!" For many, the unexpected airline fees are coming straight out of their vacation shopping and eating funds, and that's no way to start a holiday.
Over the past 10 years, it has become easier and easier to book flights online. Although this has been great for consumers in many ways, it has also resulted in many mistakes being made by consumers when booking flights that can turn out to be very costly.
With most airlines charging for checked luggage, air travelers are getting savvy about how to pack and when to just "pack it in," and accept paying the fees in order to get all the things they need to their final destination. Get the most out of your suitcase space with these packing hack tips.
It's easy to see why travellers sometimes feel like they're treated as walking wallets. From hotels to airlines, everyone