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Bank of

Borrowing from that old adage, if we can remember these lessons, history may not repeat itself.
Economists fear Canada's debt loads could soon burn the economy.
A strong economy can't explain the Toronto region's house price growth, the bank says.
The Bank of Canada says Canadians' debt is getting riskier, but delinquencies are falling.
The bill celebrates Canada's heritage and diversity.
After the financial crisis, I asked one of our executives how Canada had managed to sidestep the deep pain felt in the U.S. "I'm not sure we did," he pushed back. "Maybe it just hasn't happened yet." Fast forward to 2017 and here we are, fretting over housing bubbles and record-high debt levels.
Borrowers should make sure they can handle a hike in interest rates.
Businesses are the most optimistic they've been in years about hiring.
If a bank can trust a lender, so can the government, she said.
The Bank of Canada has started using visual aids to scare people off of borrowing more.