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bathing suits

Summer swimwear that won't break the bank.
Vitamin Sea, anyone?
Double trouble?
Whether you have an athletic body, an hourglass shape or larger hips, there's a bathing suit out there for you!
Sometimes, two pieces are better than one.
Yes, we realize it's the dead of winter but summer swimwear is already being stocked in shelves and it's now officially impossible
Julianne Moore does not age. The 52-year-old, porcelain-skinned beauty made a big splash over the weekend while vacationing
Even with the Olympics on 24/7 (admittedly a huge distraction for me) there was a lot that caught my attention this week. Let's talk about the Olympic uniforms, Twitter and freedom of speech, and ways that you can eat like an athlete!
While it may be 2012, we're already dreaming of what we'll be wearing next summer (we hate to be a bummer, but this current
Buying a bathing suit is stressful. It truly is. Gleaming white lights in changerooms are less than flattering and you're