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"You know, it is not surprising."
Veronica Lodge's apartment is actually The Permanent building in downtown Vancouver.
"We'll move to end this," said Christy Clark.
“We’re creating something beautiful that is completely new...”
British Columbians have made extraordinary adjustments in their outlook in the last several decades. When I was a boy and a young man there was always another valley to log, another run of fish, more farmland around the corner, more rivers to dam or even reverse. This was considered our birthright. But though it took us a long time to realize it, we saw that we no longer had those luxuries.
There's an idea.
The Coal Harbour condo is going for $58.9 million.
The benchmark home price fell ... to $919,300.
Holy mackerel.
"The question is where are people getting the money to buy these million-dollar homes?"